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 Be creative on your next sales call and suggest the “big picture”.  Posters are a great way to add impact to a customer’s marketing campaign as well as your bottom line. We offer a variety of printing options to fit every need.  Print one poster in a multiple of  sizes digitally, or as many as your customer requires on our 6 color, 29” offset press    . . . .all at Wholesale pricing !

   Aqueous Coating

When you've got a long run job with critical color, you need the Wholesale Advantage!  Our new six color press can print up to 29 1/2" or six 8 1/2" by 11" sheets, full bleed-plus an aqueous coating in one pass.  We can also print long run posters up to 22" x 29" with full bleed.  No job is too big for this high speed, critical color press.




The best newsletter in the world is useless if it is printed, folded, or bound poorly.   It reflects negatively on the image of the organization that developed the newsletter.  You can trust Wholesale Printers to produce a newsletter that your customer will be proud of.  We print small runs on our 3404diRyobi and larger runs on our offset presses up to six colors.
Our bindery department can also score and fold your newsletters for your mailing house. On larger multi-page newsletters, we can also collate, stitch, fold, and insert blow-ins for your mail house prior to mailing.

     Post Cards                           

Every salesperson is guilty of not making enough
sales calls. Postcards are the perfect, inexpensive way to stay in contact with existing customers and to target market new ones.  They can be designed for one or two way response mailings, and can be printed on a variety of paper stocks and sizes.  When mailed every 30 days for a year, they can have a significant impact on our business growth.
Tell Them Something New
Postcards are a great way to introduce yourself, your company, a new product release or improvement, new equipment or  company capabilities. Utilize photos on your postcards to show new and existing customers what’s new.
Ask For A Response.
  Don’t forget the most
important information . . . a way for the postcard
recipient to get in touch with you or find out more
about your mailing. 


Don’t Take Production Chances.  The best way to ruin a perfect print job is to outsource the bindery work. Any seasoned print buyer knows the advantages of ordering their printing from a printer that can also do the bindery in-house.  The result is better communication, fewer mistakes, more competitive pricing, shorter deadlines, better quality control, and on-time deliveries.  Unless you’ve got extra time and money to burn, you need the Wholesale Advantage!
What’s Your Time Worth? 
With the price of today’s
gasoline, do you really want to drop off your next
print project at a bindery shop?  We’ll accept your
files online, output your film and proof, and print your job right the first time, at a price that will make you smile. . .and save you money!



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